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May 9, 2023

Stop saying you are a headhunter when you are not.

Candidates mean to say they are in a hunter role but some how often confuse the words and type on their resume that they are a headhunter.

Okay folks once again I want to give the younger generation the definition of a Headhunter. I often see that sales reps are listing that they are a Headhunter on their resume. No…… that is what I am. I am a headhunter- a recruiter, a person who identifies and approaches suitable candidates employed elsewhere to fill business positions. I think you mean to say you are in a “hunter role” – hunting for new business. So hopefully this post helps so candidates stop saying they are headhunters when that is not what they mean. Always here to help, LOL

Hunter vs Farmer Sales: The Difference
Hunters are traditionally responsible for going out and finding new accounts, while farmers are responsible for tending to and expanding existing accounts.
The main difference in the hunter vs farmer sales approach is how they each go about generating revenue.
The “hunter” sales rep drives revenue by generating new leads and converting them.
The “farmer,” on the other hand, generates revenue by nurturing and growing existing accounts. They cultivate what’s already there. 
The hunter vs farmer sales framework allows sales reps to specialize in their strengths. With hunters focusing on the prospects in the sales funnel, and farmers focusing on retaining and increasing the value of existing accounts, both groups will have access to experts regardless of where they are in the process.

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