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Going deeper. Discovering what matters. Bringing a higher level of service to medical aesthetics and the beauty industry.

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Real Expertise. Real Results.

I am your exclusive aesthetics recruiter.

The Aesthetic Recruiter, under the umbrella of 3D Executive Search Partners, is my platform to help the very best in aesthetic devices, injectables, skincare, and aesthetic marketing find their place among the fastest growing and established companies in the space. I'm also here to help my clients in the industry form the sales and marketing teams their highly competitive markets demand. I am among the top 1% of viewed recruiters on LinkedIn, with 29,000 connections and over 30,000 followers. I'm here to help.

As a highly experienced talent acquisition and management professional dedicated exclusively to the medical aesthetics space, I understand that your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight. My expertise and services allow you to pursue a highly confidential and professional path towards high target growth designed to meet every parameter of your business’ mission.

Getting the right people to you.

A sales and marketing-focused aesthetics recruiter.

I take the creation of professional connections in the aesthetics industry personally, offering a level of service other recruiters don’t—routinely going beyond what others may see as expected into a higher standard. Doing more is customary here. Caring and taking the time to match talented candidates with the employer that can benefit the most from their particular skills is how things are done at The Aesthetic Recruiter.

My clients' needs are met through a rigorous screening process, multiple interviews, and a deep dive into your organization, all of its moving parts, and its people. This, combined with an achieved understanding of where you want to be and who I need to deliver that will give you the best chance of getting there.

I go to the aesthetics device companies that have who you need—working carefully and confidentially, to secure the right sales and marketing candidates already proven successful in their field—presenting every offer in a way that speaks to what they are missing personally and as professionals.

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Heidi Bowman Dunavant
The Aesthetic Recruiter

Who is Heidi Bowman Dunavant?

An experienced national talent acquisition expert specializing in the aesthetic industry with an individual focus on placing candidates in aesthetic and luxury skincare, injectables, aesthetic and cosmetic lasers, and capital equipment medical device sales. I bring to the table a proven ability to establish and achieve objectives. I pride myself on being a persuasive communicator with excellent relationship management skills and a strong commitment to success. You will not find another recruiter in this industry who is more detail-oriented and adept at identifying and solving client and candidate problems. I develop professional relationships with growing firms and talented professionals in the skincare and aesthetic device industries.

I am passionate about building relationships with candidates and clients to support their long-term goals. I continuously educate myself on beauty and aesthetic industry trends to expand my networking and placement abilities to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

I genuinely care about matching talented candidates with appropriate employers, which is why I take the necessary time to understand your specific needs, only presenting a candidate to my clients after I have carefully screened them and determined there is a good fit.

I make sure that I educate, prep, roleplay, and go over all the minute details of the role so my candidates are prepared, confident, and well-armed for every step of the interview process.

I am the type of recruiter who works with you on how to say it, when to say it, what to say, what to wear to your interview, the personality of the person you will be interviewing with, preparing a cover letter and resume, practicing answering sales, creating a 30-60-90, writing your thank-you letter, presenting marketing materials and presentations, and much more to ensure you present as the best candidate possible during the interview process.

In 2022, I took the steps to trademark my brand, my title, and my website. I am The Aesthetic Recruiter™.

I have sourced and placed professionals at all levels on a national basis. My placements in the aesthetic industry include all titles, such as:

  • Territory Manager 
  • Injectables Representative 
  • Director of Strategy 
  • VP of Sales 
  • Senior Global Training Manager 
  • Area Sales Manager 
  • Regional Sales Manager 
  • District Sales Manager 
  • Chief Commercial Officer 
  • Business Manager 
  • Business Development Manager 
  • Capital Sales Manager 
  • Account Executive 
  • Associate Marketing Manager 
  • Event and Trade Show Manager 
  • Education Coordinator 
  • Practice Development Manager
  • Post-Sales Support 
  • Account Manager 
  • Director of Medical Education 
  • CFO 
  • Controller 
  • Modeling Engineer of Core Technology 
  • Senior Core Technology Systems Manager 
  • Lead Documentation Engineer 
  • Systems Engineer Technology Manager 
  • Senior Software Design Engineer 
  • Principle Mechanical Engineer 
  • Transportation Manager 
  • Senior Software Design Engineer 
  • Senior R&D Design Engineer 
  • Draftsman 
  • Director of Manufacturing
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Serving aesthetic devices, injectables, skincare and aesthetic marketing. I am an extension of your business development need.