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March 7, 2023

8 steps to help you close during your Interview

The best advice before reading this blog is to go through interview prep with me.

1.    Conduct pre-sale research on the company. The process of selling begins before you even talk to the Hiring Authority. You must invest time in learning about yourself, your skill sets, your service, and how you compare to potential other candidates. Understand how and why this client should hire you.

2.    Meet and greet or telephone call. Establish your credibility and trustworthiness from the moment you speak to or greet the Hiring Authority.

3.    Discover the Hiring Authority’s problems, needs and desires for the territory and the open position. Every question you ask should move the Hiring Authority toward a recognition of the benefits of your skill set or service.

4.    Bridge from your features to your benefits. …Every feature of yours you discuss should meet the Hiring Authority’s needs.

5.    Present the solution. Make your case as you offer your service. This means explaining how hiring you can solve many of the needs the hiring authority has for the territory right now.

6.    Use objections. … A Hiring Authority’s objection is really a request for more information. Welcome objections because they give you a chance to clarify your explanation of your skill set and experience.

7.    Ask for the sale. Ask for the job, do not be shy.

8.    Follow-up. Write a Thank you note and remember that you are building a relationship.

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