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Territory Manager- Cold Calling in person experience required-Grand Rapids


Candidates are expected to cover the entire territory : WI, IL, IA, MO, KS  

If you have more than 10 years experience since graduating from college – this is not the right fit for you. Prefer Aesthetic/Medical Experience

I am not the kind of recruiter that helps candidates get jobs, that would be a staffing agency. I am a recruiter that helps find the perfect candidate for my clients open positions. Please understand the difference.

If you are currently not in a cold calling role – no need to keep reading about this position.

I am recruiting for a position called a Territory Manager selling the aesthetic capital equipment. I am looking for a TM in almost every state in the US. This position is the one opening up the door for the Area Sales Manager. The Territory Manager is a hunter role, finding new opportunities for the ASM and setting up appointments with these potential clients so that you return with your ASM at a later date to pitch and close the deal.

If you are in a role where you are only calling on existing clients for your current employer to see “how they are doing” or to get them to buy more products or services over the phone, they will not consider you. If you are not in a role where you are getting up every day and driving to random businesses to pitch a product that your company sells, then I will not be able to submit you.

This is a challenging role where you are driving throughout the day, walking into a potential client’s office, introducing yourself to them, and trying to get them to let you come back at a later time perhaps bring the office Lunch and pitch an aesthetic device to them. Your goal is to cold call on 20-25 private practice physician offices a day with the goal to set 5-7 appointment for the future. You must start with this role if you are interested in selling aesthetic devices.

This Jr rep makes a base salary plus a $800/month car allowance, and after commissions, these roles pay $130k to $180K depending on how good you are and where you live in the US. I have some TM’s that have made $500k their first year on their W-2s and others that have made only a little over 100$K

these are the questions they will want to know to be considered for this role. If I see that you are not a good fit, I will not be responding as I have to find the exact talent, profile,experience, location, personality, etc to be considered for this role.

  1. Are you willing to relocate?
  2. Are you willing to travel if your territory requires it? What if it’s 2,3 or 4 nights a week being gone?
  3. Are you a Collegiate athlete?
  4. How many years of work experience have you had since you graduated from college?
  5. Why are you looking for a new role?
  6. What product are you currently selling?
  7. What is your current quota, monthly and/or annually?
  8. What is the most expensive single product you have sold in your work history?
  9. What is the biggest overall sale you have ever had?
  10. Have you had a job where you have to get in your car in the morning and drive around and visit a business to sell a product?
  11. Do you have B2B – Business to Business sales experience?
  12. Are you selling to new customers or are you selling to current customers from a leads list?
  13. Have you cold called in person or is your experience just calling from your phone?
  14. How many of these cold calls are on the phone vs in person, weekly?
  15. If you do have experience cold calling, how many customers are you required to get in front of daily and weekly?
  16. If you are in a sales role, where are you ranked amongst your team, territory, and entire company?
  17. Have you ever sold capital equipment or medical devices before?
  18. Have you ever hit President’s Club or similar in your work history?

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